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A Zebra printer is reliable and long-lasting when properly cared for. Check out our tips and advice! They’ll help you get the most from your investment.

Zebra P120i – Adding Card Sense to the Printer


Zebra P120i – Adding Card Sense to the Printer

This video from Zebra Card Printer illustrates how to install the optional single card feed kit for the Zebra card printer – model P120i.

    1. Remove the cards in the automatic card feeder and close the cover.
    2. Open the printer lid. Remove the load and go print ribbon cartridge and close the cover.
    3. Place the black roller into the blue grooves in the front of the printer.
    4. Hold the cleaning cartridge by the tabs on the side. Slide into the slots above the roller and put into place. Reload the ribbon cartridge and close the lid.

5. Switch to single feed mode.

    a. Click the windows start button.
    b. Go to settings. Open the printer directory and find the P120i printer. Right click to open properties.
    c. Select device settings tab. Click on enable feed support. Click apply.

6. Insert card into the center slot. The card will print and return out of this same slot.

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Zebra Printer – Drivers and Firmware


At times, it is necessary to update the drivers and firmware for the Zebra ID card printer. The newest drivers can maximize your id card printer performance and capabilities. If you find yourself needing a driver or firmware, locate the printer model that you are using. Then, go to the drivers and firmware download page on the Zebra website.

After selecting the printer model you have, you will be provided with the latest software updates available.

Safe-Card ID provides printers and supplies from Zebra. Current printer models are the P110i, P330i, P430i and P520i. Contact our id card experts for information or assistance with Zebra printers.