Evolis Dualys – Warning Light is Blinking

Evolis Dualys
If your Evolis Dualys printer will not print, you may notice that there is a warning light on. The light appears to be an orange or yellow triangle that is lit up.

When this light is on, the first thing to do is to check and make sure that the exit hopper is pushed all the way down and is in place.

When the hopper is placed correctly in the printer, the warning light should turn off. The printer should also resume printing.

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2 thoughts on “Evolis Dualys – Warning Light is Blinking

  1. SafeCardID Team

    Hi John – when the triangle light is lit, the primary causes are: (1) output hopper not fully in down position; (2) printer top-lid is not closed/latched securely; (3) if encoding mag-stripe cards, the cards are not oriented properly in the input hopper. If none of these is your issue, then the remaining items are mechanical faults that should be referred to an authorized Evolis service center, like ours. Please note that, as the Dualys3 has been out of production since 2012, not all repair parts are available, so it may be that repairs are not possible.

  2. John Dotsey Akakpo

    My triangle light keep and the hopper is down and is still on I don’t understand

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