Evolis Tattoo 2 – How to Clean the Interior of the Printer

Following is an illustrated process to clean the interior of an Evolis Tattoo 2 ID card printer. This Evolis produced video will provide you with the steps needed to keep your printer running in peak condition.

1. Switch the printer power on and open the cover.

2. Remove the ribbon and close the cover.

3. Press on both sides of the feeder and detach it from the printer by lifitng it up and out.

4. Remove any cards located in the feeder.

5. Use a new cleaning card provided in your Evolis cleaning kit and place it in the feeder.

6. Press the control panel’s push button for one second.

7. The cleaning process will start.

8. As the card passes multiple times inside, it cleans the cards transport rollers, the cleaning rollers and the printhead as well.

9. The used card is then ejected into the output hopper.

10. Place the ribbon back into place and the cards back into the feeder.

If you are interested in information about the Evolis Tattoo 2 printer or other Evolis printers available, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Visit the manufacturer website here.

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