Fargo Replacement Printhead Warranty

Fargo Printhead

Fargo ID card printers use a printhead to burn color onto the PVC card as it passes through the printer. This process produces the colorful identification cards and membership cards that you carry in your wallet.

Occasionally, it is necessary to replace the printhead. You will often need to replace the printhead when you see a small white horizontal line consistently in your printed cards.

The replacement printhead as a one year limited warranty. The replacement warranty is subject to review by Fargo Electronics Technical Support Team.

This means that the printhead would need to be returned to Fargo by way of an RMA. If they deem that the printhead was internally defective, they warranty the part. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

If you have additional questions about this warranty or other card printer questions, contact our id card experts toll free at 888-485-4696. For additional information about the Fargo DTC400e, Persona C30e or other Fargo printers, let our ID card experts provide you with a free consultation.

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