ID Card Uses at Nursing Homes

Twenty four hour health care centers are open all hours of the day and night. With older, less mobile people in the facility, most employees being female and the need for needles and drugs at the facililty, the security of health care centers is something to comtemplate and research so that an adequate level of safety can be maintained.

Ideas to consider may include the following:

1. Proximity cards allow staff begining their shift to immediately access the building. Time delay in standing outside the building waiting for someone to open the door at any hour of the day or night is eliminated.

2. Id cards can be used to monitor employee time and attendance. Accurate arrival and shift ending time can be documented using the id card in combination with a time and attendance system.

3. Access cards can document who is in areas of the facility at what time. Inventory control can be monitored when a record of employees in and out of an area can be monitored.

4. Volunteers can be provided with cards to document time in and out. Logging of volunteer cards can also monitor who is present in an emergency situation.

5. Mobile residents and visitors can also be tracked for various purposes to improve efficiency and control the security needs of the center.

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