Datacard SD360 Printer

Review: The Datacard® SD360™ Card Printer

It is good to have a chance to see what others say about a product before you purchase it.  With a review, you are able to see what the good points and negative points may be about an item prior to purchase.  Following is a look at the Datacard® SD360™ card printer.

Datacard SD360 Printer


Datacard SD360 Card Printer Review

Featuring industry-leading innovations that make desktop ID card printing simple, the Datacard® SD360™ two-sided card printer is an economical solution for numerous desktop printing applications. Standard, built-in Ethernet and USB ports as well as a browser-based Print Manager help users integrate the printers into just about any application or IT environment, including small- to medium-sized organizations such as schools, hospitals, fitness clubs, etc.

With superior speed and productivity, the SD360 prints high-resolution 300dpi full-color cards in less time than your standard printer – printing up to 155 dual-sided cards per hour. With easy operation that anyone can master, the card printer offers intuitive icons that guide users through the soft-touch control panel and LCD screen.  Cards and supplies are easy to load, and the ergonomically designed ribbon cartridges include a drop-in cleaning roller. 

One of the most unique and stand-out features for this printer is that it is engineered for Earth-friendly performance.  The printer has earned an ENERGY STAR® qualification by consuming far less electricity than others on the market, as well as features biodegradable supply cores made with EcoPure® additive, recyclable packaging and power-down button – ultimately setting new benchmarks for environmentally responsible card printing.

If you want a card printer with outstanding print quality, reliability, easy operation and efficiency in a small footprint, then the Datacard SD360 card printer is for you!


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1 thought on “Review: The Datacard® SD360™ Card Printer

  1. Aaron Williams

    SafeCard is a wonderful Datacard partner. We are very pleased with this product and look forward to teaming up with SafeCard in the future.

    The SD series printer continues to be a amazing printer for a wide variety of applications. An impressive standard feature set, affordable supplies and unparallelled support are a few of the reasons customers keep coming back.

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