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New Entrust Datacard Firmware

Entrust Datacard released new firmware for their SD, CD, and CE system printers today. In order to download this update, visit their support page.

The new firmware will provide your printers with a wide variety of enhancements. This summer, Entrust Datacard began sending out new RFID tags with enhanced encryption to ensure that you are receiving authentic Datacard® Certified Supplies that were designed specifically for optimum performance in their Datacard® system. This new firmware will enable the enhanced encryption to take place.

In addition to enabling the enhanced encryption, the new firmware will provide Datacard SD, CD, and CE systems with a wide variety of updates:

  • UV printing on all SD, CD and CE systems
  • Rewrite capability on SD260 and SD260s systems
  • Security enhancements to support PCI requirements
  • Mag stripe fix to help reduce errors when cards are not in position
  • Improved cleaning card on the multi-hopper
  • Other security and performance improvements

For more information about firmware and why it’s important to keep it updated, check out the post about it in our archives.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our experts at +1 888.485.4696.

Datacard SD360 Printer

Review: The Datacard® SD360™ Card Printer

It is good to have a chance to see what others say about a product before you purchase it.  With a review, you are able to see what the good points and negative points may be about an item prior to purchase.  Following is a look at the Datacard® SD360™ card printer.

Datacard SD360 Printer


Datacard SD360 Card Printer Review

Featuring industry-leading innovations that make desktop ID card printing simple, the Datacard® SD360™ two-sided card printer is an economical solution for numerous desktop printing applications. Standard, built-in Ethernet and USB ports as well as a browser-based Print Manager help users integrate the printers into just about any application or IT environment, including small- to medium-sized organizations such as schools, hospitals, fitness clubs, etc.

With superior speed and productivity, the SD360 prints high-resolution 300dpi full-color cards in less time than your standard printer – printing up to 155 dual-sided cards per hour. With easy operation that anyone can master, the card printer offers intuitive icons that guide users through the soft-touch control panel and LCD screen.  Cards and supplies are easy to load, and the ergonomically designed ribbon cartridges include a drop-in cleaning roller. 

One of the most unique and stand-out features for this printer is that it is engineered for Earth-friendly performance.  The printer has earned an ENERGY STAR® qualification by consuming far less electricity than others on the market, as well as features biodegradable supply cores made with EcoPure® additive, recyclable packaging and power-down button – ultimately setting new benchmarks for environmentally responsible card printing.

If you want a card printer with outstanding print quality, reliability, easy operation and efficiency in a small footprint, then the Datacard SD360 card printer is for you!


We invite your comments and feedback about the printer as well in our comments section. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Current News: Datacard® DuraShield™ Clear Card Overlay

Datacard Group has released a new clear card overlay that will protect printed custom cards from durability threats.  This would include moisture, various chemicals and abrasives that may touch the card. This overlay is not able to be removed from the cardstock as in other current overlays in the marketplace.

Introducing the product, Datacard provided a press release describing the benefits of this overlay.  Exerpts are below:

Available for the Datacard® desktop printer line, the DuraShield clear overlay provides a combination of exceptional durability and over-the-edge coverage, and is ideal for financial cards, student ID applications, secure corporate access control cards, as well as other demanding card programs. This new scratch-resistant, full-coverage overlay is optimal for PVC composite cards, extends the card life and reduces issuance costs by protecting against environmental threats. It cannot be removed from a card intact, unlike typical polyester patch laminates offered today.

“Datacard Group is dedicated to delivering a portfolio of supply products that continue to meet and exceed customer demand and expectations,” said Russell St. John, senior vice president of global marketing for Datacard Group. “The ability for documents and cards to withstand counterfeiting, forgery, alteration and everyday abrasions ensures that issuers can extend card life while maintaining a cost-effective and secure card program.  Our new DuraShield overlay offers card durability that is over four times the protection of a standard topcoat and is ideal for multiple applications.”

For more information about card printers and speciality products to increase the durability of your printed cards, please contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.