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Evolis Pebble 4 Printer – Cleaning the Printhead

Following is a video demonstrating how to clean the printhead on an Evolis Pebble printer.


To clean the printhead, follow the directions displayed in the above video.

      1. Remove the power plug
      2. Open the top cover
      3. Break the vial in the printhead cleaner and allow the fluid to run to the swab
      4. Run the swab across the printhead.
      5. Close the top cover
      6. Reinstall the power plug
    7. Check for power.

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Evolis Pebble 4 – Printing a Test Card

Following is a video from the Safe-Card ID Team that illustrates how to print a test card using an Evolis Pebble 4 ID card printer.

Directions to Print a Test Card

1. Check to make sure that there is a print ribbon and pvc cards in the printer.

2. Power the printer off.

3. Push the printer power button and turn the power back on. Without releasing pressure, continue holding the power button until the light flashes.

4. As you hold the power button in, the printer will pull a PVC card through the printer and print a test card.

5. Keep the test card in a safe place as it will contain specifications about your printer that may be needed for future parts or repair.


Evolis Printer- Drivers and Frequently Asked Questions


A new Evolis ID card printer comes with drivers and instruction manuals so that installation should be simple with straightforward driver and software downloads. Just in case the included CDs are misplaced or there are additional questions about your printer that you would like to research, Evolis has created a product support area on their website to assist in providing needed information efficiently. Choose the printer you need assistance with and your driver or frequently asked questions are a click away.

The driver/support area allows you to select the printer that you have. Needed information or drivers can be easily reviewed and downloaded.

For more information about Evolis ID card printers, visit our Evolis Tattoo, Evolis Pebble, Evolis Dualys, Evolis Quantum or Evolis Securion product pages.

Evolis Card Printers – How to Install a Print Ribbon


When putting a new ribbon into your Evolis ID card printer, it is important to install the correct ribbon in the right format to make card printing easy.

Make sure that you have the correct ribbon for the card you will be printing. A full color single side print will require a YMCKO print ribbon. A full color dual sided card will need a YMCKOK print ribbon to print both front and back of the card in the single pass. The printer used must also be able to print dual sided cards.

First, gently pull the adhesive tape holding the ribbon off.

Open the printer cover and place the ribbon correctly into the ribbon spindle. Follow the pictured instructions on the printer to determine what spool goes into each spindle.

Close the printer lid. The ribbon will automatically synchronize and be ready to print a card.

For more information about Evolis ID card printers, visit our Evolis Tattoo, Evolis Pebble, Evolis Dualys, Evolis Quantum or Evolis Securion product pages. For a free consultation regarding what printer would be the best fit for your application, contact us toll free at 888-485-4696.