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Fargo Ribbon Compatibility – C30 and DTC400 Series Printers

The new Fargo DTC series printers, the Fargo DTC1000 and Fargo DTC4000 printers have printer ribbons that can not be used straight out of the box in older Persona C30 and Fargo DTC400 card printers. With a firmware update, however, these older printer models can be updated so that they are able to print with the new printer ribbons.

To update the C30 or DTC400 series printer:

1. Visit https://fargosupport.com/
2. Locate your current printer using the drop down box.
3. Update both the workbench and the firmware.

Once these steps are completed, you can use DTC1000 printer ribbons with the C30 and C30e printers. You can also use DTC4000 ribbons with your DTC400 or DTC400e printer.

Fargo DTC400e – Technical Resources and Support

Fargo Fargo DTC400e

Need technical assistance with your Fargo DTC550 printer? Many of the resources you need, such as current drivers and firmware, are easily found on the Fargo technical resources site.

The following items are currently available for download:

Printer Drivers:

  • DTC400e LINUX
  • DTC400e Driver Windows2000/XP/

Printer Firmware:

  • Fargo DTC400e firmware
  • Ethernet firmware

User Guides

Diagnostic Tools:

  • Workbench – This is a utility that provides security, diagnostic and firmware upgrades. With this download is the ability to develop password controlled access to your computer, locate sample Fargo cards, and obtain printer and ribbon information.

Visit the Fargo technical support page to locate the above items.

For additional information about the Fargo DTC400e or other Fargo printers, let our id card experts provide you with a free consultation.