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Zebra P330i – ID Card Printing Tips


ID Card Printing Tips for The Zebra P330i Card Printer

1. Install the print driver.
2. Load the print ribbon, cleaning cartridge and the cards.
3. Plug in the correct power cord for your location.
4. Connect the USB cable to the printer and computer.
5. Turn on the printer.
6. The LCD will display “initallizing” and then “ready”.
7. Teh computer will recognize the printer.
8. Slide out the output hopper.
9. Begin printing.
8. The LCD will display the action of the computer during printing.

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Printing Black Text on the Back of an ID Card

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Many id card printers provided to groups and organizations are single sided id card printers. These printers are able to print single color or full color printing on one side of the card. Things go along smoothly for a while, and then someone from the organization decides that it would be nice to be able to make use of the back of the card since it is blank. Examples of things printed on the back of the card are company contact information, mission statements, organizational reference information or directions as to what to do if the card is lost and needs to be returned to the owner.

Many organizations use a simple process to print the needed information on the back of the card. In one of our earlier posts about dual sided id cards with a single sided printer, we explained that you could print the front side of the card and then flip the card over and print the back side of the card. Although that process will work, there is a smoother process if the information on the back of the card is always identical on each card. Here are the steps.

1. Purchase a black ribbon to use solely on the back of the card.
2. Design the card back in your id card software design program.
3. Install the black ribbon into the printer and verify the printer and software program are set up to print with a black ribbon.
4. Print the back side of the card for the number of badges needed.
5. Turn the printed cards and reposition them in the printer so that the front of the card can be printed.
6. Swap out the black print ribbon for a full color ribbon.
7. Print front side of the card with your design software and printer.

After checking the output hopper, you should find that the card has print on both the front and back side of the card which has been completed by your single side id card printer.

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When Blue Graphics or Text Print Purple

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When designing an id card, a card designer will organize the card layout and colors to just the right specifications on the screen. The badge design is perfect and so the test card is printed. It is a great feeling when the sample card looks identical to the card shown on the screen.

Unfortunately, sometimes the two images are not identical. One common difference is in the color “blue.” The blue color sometimes converts to purple on the printed card.

The way to fix this is to change the color matching that you will find in the driver. To change this go to your computer. Click on start, then settings, then printers & faxes. Right click on the driver and select “printing preferences.” Go to the device options and change the color matching to “monitor.” Test this option. If it is still not the color desired, test other options available.

If adjusting the printer driver settings does not do the trick, you will need to adjust the RGB values of the source color. Change the blue to a lighter color of blue (on the monitor) which should print a more normal blue color on your badges.

Our blog contains additional tips for id card design and id card printing.

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If your printer feeds several cards at once

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When printing id cards, sometimes the id card printer will take in more than one card at a time. Usually the printer jams and stops leaving the card maker wondering what has happened. By opening up the printer and removing the multiple cards inside the printing area of the printer, the printer will be able to resume making the next id badge. Usually the card on which the error occurred will need to be manually set to reprint so that it is available for the id card holder.

Two steps will help to reduce the card jam.

1. The thickness lever at the input hopper should be set for the size of card printed. The standard PVC card is 30. Specialized cards may be more or less than 30.

2. Cards that have been recently unwrapped may be stuck together with static electricity. The best way to remove this is to hold the card by the edges and rock them back and forth until they do not cling together. You do not want to touch the printable area of the card with your fingers when handling the cards.

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