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Datacard Printer – Card is Stuck in the Print Area Error


When printing ID cards and the PVC cards are placed in the correct position to input into the printer, occasionally a “card is stuck in the print area” error may be given by a Datacard SP series id card printer. When this error displays, the most probable cause for the error is due to dirty cleaning rollers.

The cleaning rollers must be sticky enough to grab the card and pull it into the printer. The card may not be grabbed securely enough to clear the card input photocell in time. The card lagging behind may cause the photocell to interpret the situation as a card stuck in the print area, thus displaying that indication. To correct this error, clean the upper and lower cleaning rollers.

If the rollers are not sticky after you have cleaned the rollers, then they will need to be replaced for best operation of the Datacard card printers.

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