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Zebra P120i – Steps to Clean the Printer


After about 1,000 full color cards have been printed on the Zebra P120i printer, the printer will indicate that it is time to clean the printer.  You will notice the LCD screen will read “clean printer.” The LCD screen will walk you through the steps below:

To clean the printer:

1.  Hold the control button for several seconds.  If there is a card inside of the printer, it will be ejected.

2.  Remove printer cartridge and close the lid.

3.  Remove the remaining PVC cards in the card printer and close the cover.

4.  Feed the long cleaning card by feeding the smaller end of the large card into the exit slot.  The card will feed to clean the printer and eject.

5.  Feed the short cleaning card by opening the card feeder, pulling back the blue card guide and inserting the t-shaped small cleaning card into the slot.

6.  When the LCD screen prompts you to remove the cleaning card, open the lid, push the card guide open and remove the cleaning card.

7.  When the LCD screen prompts shows “ready,” reload the cards and ribbon for printing.

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