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Benefits of Plastic Cards for Car Registrations

Correct identification of vehicles and vehicle owners is achieved by the vehicle registration process. Registration provides a method to tax vehicle owners efficiently and provides other additional benefits to the state. The vehicle owner is provided with a proof of registration by means of a printed paper. The motor vehicles authorized printing centers provide and distribute the paper registration to carry during vehicle operation.

The common paper version of the vehicle registration can be tampered with as there are few features of the cardstock that provide security and longevity. The current paper version of the registration can be easily torn or smudged.

ID card professionals from the manufacturer of Zebra printers have proposed that vehicle registration cards be printed on plastic cards similar to the current state driver’s license. Benefits to the plastic card over paper are many. Some of the benefits that Zebra has offered for upgrading to a plastic registration card are as follows:

Security. Paper registrations can be easily altered, torn and smudged. Plastic cards are more difficult to tamper with and can be enhanced with various security features, such as a hologram to reduce the amount of fraudulent activities.

Durability. The longevity of a plastic card registration is greater than a document printed on paper. For this reason, employee IDs and driver’s licenses are commonly printed on plastic cardstock rather than a laminated paper or teslin from just a few years back.

Efficient data transmission. Plastic cards can hold information embedded on the card that can easily be transmitted for efficient processing of information. Bar codes, magnetic stripes and embedded information can be used for quickly and accurately providing and transmitting data to record events such as vehicle inspections, vehicle transfers and ticketing. By quickly scanning cards into appropriate readers, the data can accurately be imported into summons papers, inspection reports and other records.

Benefits of the plastic card printing can be worthwhile as increased efficiencies and easy transfer of information can outweigh the costs of the system many times over. Online card printing retailers that provide Zebra card printers are happy to provide a custom printing package to meet your individual small or large card printing needs.

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Zebra P120i – Steps to Clean the Printer


After about 1,000 full color cards have been printed on the Zebra P120i printer, the printer will indicate that it is time to clean the printer.  You will notice the LCD screen will read “clean printer.” The LCD screen will walk you through the steps below:

To clean the printer:

1.  Hold the control button for several seconds.  If there is a card inside of the printer, it will be ejected.

2.  Remove printer cartridge and close the lid.

3.  Remove the remaining PVC cards in the card printer and close the cover.

4.  Feed the long cleaning card by feeding the smaller end of the large card into the exit slot.  The card will feed to clean the printer and eject.

5.  Feed the short cleaning card by opening the card feeder, pulling back the blue card guide and inserting the t-shaped small cleaning card into the slot.

6.  When the LCD screen prompts you to remove the cleaning card, open the lid, push the card guide open and remove the cleaning card.

7.  When the LCD screen prompts shows “ready,” reload the cards and ribbon for printing.

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Zebra P120i – Loading ID Cards into the ID Card Printer


The above video illustrates how to load PVC cards into the Zebra P120i id card printer.

1. Open the card feeder cover.
2. Slide the card guide up until it locks into place.
3. Place the cards in the feeder.
4. Close the cover until it clicks.

Find out specific information about Zebra Printer models:

Zebra P110i
Zebra P330i
Zebra P430i
Zebra P520i

Zebra Printer – Drivers and Firmware


At times, it is necessary to update the drivers and firmware for the Zebra ID card printer. The newest drivers can maximize your id card printer performance and capabilities. If you find yourself needing a driver or firmware, locate the printer model that you are using. Then, go to the drivers and firmware download page on the Zebra website.

After selecting the printer model you have, you will be provided with the latest software updates available.

Safe-Card ID provides printers and supplies from Zebra. Current printer models are the P110i, P330i, P430i and P520i. Contact our id card experts for information or assistance with Zebra printers.