Student ID Card Systems for K-12 and University Learning Environments

Safe-Card ID Services is pleased to offer the efficient photo ID card solutions for producing the variety of durable, attractive identification cards and badges that school administrators need. Badging options come complete with your choice of colored photos, logos, text, barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart chips and more.

Student IDs are used for many applications, including:

  • Staff IDs
  • Student IDs
  • Visitor Identification
  • Parent Identification
  • Access Cards for Controlled Entry Areas
  • Meal Program Cards
  • Library/Bookstore/Equipment checkout cards
  • Hall Passes
School Setting

Visual IDs for students, staff and visitors.

Access Control to allow the right people access to the right areas.

Tracking of checked out library books or equipment.

Lunch Programs to help parents track what their children are spending.

Recognize the Students in Your School

Give your students and staff the recognition they deserve with personalized IDs. Fast, easy-to-use, and highly reliable, our line of card printers is built to meet all of your school's requirements.

school id

Complete, Custom Card and Badging Systems

Since 1989 our company has developed numerous custom solutions to assist schools with their special identification requirements, from student photo ID cards in California to lunchroom cards in the Midwest.

Make reliable, high quality badges a routine part of your security plan. Our PVC card printer solutions range from basic photo IDs to high-security proximity cards or smart cards that can contain biometric data. These systems pair with user-friendly badge software and quality printer options, enabling you to make cards that will be highly secure and affordable.

Contact our ID card experts at +1 888.485.4696 for a custom quote or browse our online selection of printer and printer systems.