Local Government, Military, and Police ID Card Solutions for Secure Badges

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In today's society, security is a top priority for government entities and operations. From local levels, to states, provinces and federal governments,  all are concerned about running efficient, low-cost operations, while maintaining the highest levels of security for personnel and constituents.

Our ID solutions offer everything from basic photo IDs, to high-security proximity cards, or smart-cards that can contain biometric data and security layers.  Cards can be used for any number of functions, including:

  • Employee and Visitor Identification
  • Building and Facility Access
  • Network Access and Login
  • Time and Attendance Payroll Systems
  • Cashless Debit Systems or Vending Operations

Our photo ID systems and services can assist in providing ID badges ranging from name tags to smart cards with biometric data for further identification,  depending upon the needs of your organization. Photo ID badges and specialized identity cards can be easily designed and implemented in an environment  with a range of security needs.

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