Photo ID Picture-Taking Suggestions

We hope these hints for taking great ID pictures with your digital camera are helpful to anyone taking photographs for your organization.

  1. Set the digital camera to a medium to low resolution, such as 640 x 480. You will not need a super hi-resolution pictures for ID badge photos, which are usually smaller than 2.5" x 2.0" (H x W).

  2. Turn time and date stamps off.

  3. If equipped with a flash, set it to "flash fill".

  4. Ensure that the strongest light sources are to the front of your photo subject, and try to balance the light so the left- and right-side of the face are lighted equally.

  5. Have the person being photographed stand against a neutral, but non-white backdrop or background.  We use light blue.

  6. Wherever possible, use the same backdrop or background for all employees - this ensures that your ID cards look uniform across your organization.

  7. Let the person know what to do. Should they smile or remain serious? Are his/her hair and clothing adjusted as needed?

  8. Hold the camera still or put it on a tripod to ensure you get a clear picture.

  9. Frame the picture to capture the person from the chest up and leave a small margin above the head. This will minimize cropping and other adjustments when processing the ID cards.

  10. Check the photo before releasing the employee back to their job. You'll want to be sure it is focused & framed properly, and is something your employee will be proud to display.

  11. When storing the photo to a hard-drive or thumb-drive, rename the .jpg photo file to the person's name. For example 'MarySmith.jpg'.

  12. If you are a client of our ID card service-bureau, send or upload finished pictures to us in the method provided by your account representative.

If you have any questions about taking pictures to send to our ID card service bureau, please contact your account representative at +1 888.485.4696 or +1 704.535.5200.