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YMCKO Printer Ribbons

YMCKO Printer Ribbons

This is a print ribbon for single sided ID card printers. The YMCKO stands for the following:

Y – Yellow
M – Magenta
C – Cyan
K- Monochrome Black
O – Overcoat

The primary color panels are the yellow, magenta and cyan. Each panel provides its portion of the specific color to be printed. The panel color combines with color from the other panels to produce the mixture needed for color on the plastic ID card. The K panel produces the black color needed for text, bar codes and more. The O is a thin, protective overlay that covers all of the the YMCK colors printed on the card.

To find the correct print ribbon for your ID badge printer system, visit our online printer ribbon store or contact our ID experts at 888-485-4696.

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Campus Safety and Staff Efficiency Increased with Identification

Yesterday, the manufacturer of Zebra card printers outlined the benefits of providing secure identification for educational staff and students in a blog post. They advised that the benefits of using identification cards allow improved processes and increased security of the campus.

The article released advised that since it is not possible to hire enough security guards to police every corner of campus, one way to help secure school facilities and people was to issue identification cards similar to the way corporations do. Admissions departments can issue advanced level cards during student registration that can be used to check out books from the library and access various approved facilities on campus. It is possible to configure the cards so that they can be used for debit purposes in campus bookstores and dining facilities.

School cards can be used by retailers that market to the students and staff. Student/staff discounts and special offers can be generated with showing a valid ID. This will help to boost sales of local businesses.

Good quality ID card printing on durable cardstock will provide an ID lasting for many semesters of school. These cards will provide a better workflow process saving time and costs for many necessary procedures.

Here is the begining of the article from Zebra’s blog:

From universities to primary schools, a revolution in technology is taking shape. The days when mundane tasks such as registration, book purchases, and meal programs required an army of administrators to manage piles of paperwork is but a digital page in today’s history e-books. 21st-century innovation is bringing automation—and a chance to improve security—to the campus.

With education costs skyrocketing, departments at all levels are looking for ways to trim expenses while maximizing staff productivity. Add the looming threats to campus security, and educators must make decisions that trade off the quality of education verses protecting our students. In fact, the 2011 Campus Safety magazine’s “How Safe Is Your Campus?” report revealed that 42 percent of faculty said their institutions fail to dedicate sufficient resources to campus safety and security. Gone are the days of open campuses and a friendly smile to protect our students. READ MORE

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UPS Requires Photo IDs from Over the Counter Shippers

Today, UPS is implementing a tighter security process at their UPS stores and Mailboxes, Etc. locations around the world.  Customers who wish to ship packages by UPS will now be required to show a government-issued photo identification in order to send  packages.

The change resulted from a security review that was completed within the company after an incident in October.  UPS shipped packages addressed to Jewish organizations in Chicago were found to have explosives in them.  The explosives were discovered in a UPS cargo plane originating from Yemen. The contents were shipped as printer cartridges.

UPS now requires customers who ship packages through their retail locations to present a government issued photo ID.  The UPS employee will not collect information from the identification, but will verify the shipper much like a retailer requesting to see an ID to match a credit card presented for payment.  If the package already contains a preprinted UPS label processed online, UPS will not require the identification as the package has been identified through the online process.

In this holiday season, many occasional shippers provide significant increase in the shipping volume of UPS .  This increased security process seems to be a reasonable change to assist in ensuring the safety of UPS employees and package receivers world wide.

UPS advises that acceptable forms of photo ID are driver’s licenses, passports, U.S. permanent residence cards, U.S. military identification and Native American tribal identification cards.