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National Healthcare Program in India Uses the Evolis Pebble

The health card issued as part of the Indian National Healthcare program is core to the project’s goal of offering free healthcare services.  This card used comes in a smart card format, which was considered to be the most simple and reliable.

Such a health card has multiple applications and ensures that none of the stakeholders to this program is deprived. More precisely, the health card enables beneficiaries to choose a partner – a private or public hospital – without having to pay any money in advance.

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UPS Requires Photo IDs from Over the Counter Shippers

Today, UPS is implementing a tighter security process at their UPS stores and Mailboxes, Etc. locations around the world.  Customers who wish to ship packages by UPS will now be required to show a government-issued photo identification in order to send  packages.

The change resulted from a security review that was completed within the company after an incident in October.  UPS shipped packages addressed to Jewish organizations in Chicago were found to have explosives in them.  The explosives were discovered in a UPS cargo plane originating from Yemen. The contents were shipped as printer cartridges.

UPS now requires customers who ship packages through their retail locations to present a government issued photo ID.  The UPS employee will not collect information from the identification, but will verify the shipper much like a retailer requesting to see an ID to match a credit card presented for payment.  If the package already contains a preprinted UPS label processed online, UPS will not require the identification as the package has been identified through the online process.

In this holiday season, many occasional shippers provide significant increase in the shipping volume of UPS .  This increased security process seems to be a reasonable change to assist in ensuring the safety of UPS employees and package receivers world wide.

UPS advises that acceptable forms of photo ID are driver’s licenses, passports, U.S. permanent residence cards, U.S. military identification and Native American tribal identification cards.