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Recent events have made security a top priority for service and religious operations.  From the smallest service group to large mega religious organizations, all are concerned about running an efficient operation that implements the highest level of security within a tight budget.
Our name badge system solutions range from a simple name tags for volunteer identification to high security proximity cards that access secured areas of the organizational operation.  Cards can be used for multiple purposes such as:

Employee and Member/Volunteer Identification
Building Access
Network Login
Time and Attendance Payroll Systems
Child Identification and Security Systems
Nursery Security Systems

Make reliable, high quality badges a routine part of your security plan. With user friendly badge software and quality printers, your cards will be highly secure and affordable.

Popular Products

Identification cards are easily made by id card printer systems. Our system options range from basic plastic card printing to high security access cards to keep unauthorized people from entering secure areas.

A free organizational needs consultation is available with our ID card experts by phone at +1-888-485-4696 or email.

Photo Identification System Supplies

PVC cards, print ribbons, and our badge holders can keep your operations running smoothly. View our catalog to the left for popular items. If you don't see it, contact us. Our experts are happy to locate a unique item to meet your individual needs.

If you need a specialized item or just want to ask a question, feel free to contact us by phone at +1-888-485-4696 or email.

Our ID Card Service Bureau

Use our id card bureau to complete your badges quickly and accurately for ready use.   We specialize in high quality plastic badge printing with a twenty four hour turn around service time. Learn about our photo ID service bureau. 

Learn more about how Safe-Card ID can provide just custom ID cards you need. 





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