Healthclub ID Card Solutions

fitness id card solutions

Concerned with the need for increased security and accurate monitoring of their facilities, healthclubs are utilizing photo IDs for employees and members to provide the highest level of safety at an efficient, low cost.

Formatting your ID card design with a photo ID allows staff and clients to identify others in the facility. Whether client or employee, the ID can display authorization level, name and title to provide security for all.

Barcodes, magnetic stripes and smart card capabilities can provide access to clients and employees 24 hours a day and allow various classes of customers to access specific areas of the facility. The advanced card can also provide a rewards card for members in the snack area and retail shops. By using this advanced card, it is also easy to monitor customer spending habits.

By implementing identification cards with appropriate features, the cards can provide company management and clients with feedback on equipment used, calories expended and health goals achieved.

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