Evolis Securion ID Card Printers
Highly Secure Badging

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Evolis Dualys The Evolis Securion printer is a one-stop solution for making dual sided full surface laminated id cards. Equiped with a lamination station, the printer issues secure badges as fast as 30 seconds a badge.

Evolis Securion Card Printer

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Why Choose the Securion?

The security features of the printer include a password feature requiring the printer operator to authorize printer activation. The printer is able to be locked to prevent unauthorized access to the cards and ribbons in the printer.

The manufacturer warranty for this printer is two years or 100,000 prints. The warranty includes the printer, printhead, lamination unit and lamination hot roller.

The printer is able to print on a number of advanced cards including prox cards, contact and contactless cards.

Why Choose Evolis brand card printers?

  1. These printers are easy to use with a quick start up interface.
  2. With a few clicks you can obtain colorful, customized cards.
  3. You have the flexibility of using of text, bar codes, graphics, photos and more on cards. Optional contact or contactless smart chip encoding is available.
  4. Printers come with a high image quality including a 300 DPI resolution.
  5. Fight forgeries and fraud by using holograms. Increase security options by adding encoding.
  6. Extend the lifespan of the cards with our protective varnish. The Securion printer has a lamination application greatly extending card life.