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A next-generation ID card printer that is extremely flexible and user-focused. The printer is completely redesigned with a new printing engine, new software architecture and enhanced consumables.

Evolis Zenius Card Printer

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Why Choose the Evolis Zenius?

The Evolis Zenius is a one-stop solution to print high-quality single-sided cards in either color or monochrome. The single-side printer can encode technology cards for a number of different applications. The printer contains the new Evolis Evolis Premium Suite速 software to manage the printer and configuration settings. Another innovation is the Evolis High Trust速 consumables that delivers premium graphic performances.


  • Near-to-edge single-sided printing
  • Color and monochrome capabilities
  • Printing speed : 120 to 150 cards per hour color: 400 to 500 cards per hour monochrome
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • CR-80 PVC, Composite PVC, PET< ABS and special varnish cards
  • Ethernet TCP-IP option
  • Encoding options for magentic stripe encoder, smart card contact station, smart card encoder, and contactless smart card encoder.

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Why Choose Evolis Printers?

  1. Easy to use with a quick start up interface.
  2. With a few clicks, print a customized badge.
  3. Use of text, bar codes, graphics, photos are readily available features. Optional contact or contactless smart chip encoding.
  4. High Image quality printing with a 300 DPI resolution.
  5. Security available with holograms to fight fraud.
  6. Extend the life of your cards with our protective varnish. The Securion printer has a lamination application greatly extending card life.