Looking for Company ID Cards? You Have Come to the Right Place.

Employee ID cards are used in a number of different ways in today’s workplace. Many places of business require authorization to access buildings or specific areas of the workplace. Due to increasing security concerns, business owners want to ensure that people in the office are authorized to be there. ID cards may also be used in conjunction with time clocks. Accurate time on task can be tracked by clocking in and out with ID badges. An ID badge is often used to allow employees to easily interact with other employees (in a large company) and with customers.

Before having ID cards made, a business will have to determine how the cards will be made. There are two options:

  1. There are many companies who choose to outsource their badge products. Some companies choose to maintain their specialized access badges outside of the company location and have a completed badge made and sent to them for new employees. This provides a measure of company security. Other reasons to outsource badge making include the manpower involved to make the badges, the technical expertise required to set up the system, or the small size of the company.
  2. A company may choose to make employee badges in-house. With the increased ease of ID card system set up and maintenance, many companies choose to purchase a printer, software and supplies to create badges on site. Quick turn around is one of the major benefits of having a system in house, as these systems can print in the range of 120 cards per hour. The ease of set-up and convenience of use make ID badge making a potential reality for many businesses considering this option.

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