Asure ID Exchange

Asure ID software is powerful id card design and printing software made by HID. The software is trusted by organizations of all sizes and is rich in features and easy to learn. The software is able to provide card design, data management, card production and developer tool benefits to provide the capability to produce professional id cards for groups, organizations and business.

The Asure ID Exchange software is the most powerful of the Asure products. Containing robust features, this software will provide the maximum capabilities to a large organization requiring advanced level operational features. Following are the features of the Asure ID Exchange Software available in the versions of 5.x.

      Password log-on with definable user privileges


      Languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish


      Native support for MS Access/SQL




      Internet enabled (Send cards to an Asure ID Card Service Bureau for backup or primary card production.)


      Dual-sided template designs


      Supports all field types


      Add data fields


      Add photo fields


      Add signature fields


      Import logos


      Add linear bar codes


      Add 2D bar codes


      Add magnetic stripe


      iDIRECTOR™ (smart chip application management – Manage and control card access formats, smart cards, card applications and biometrics.)


      Set conditional design and print rules


      Save and search records(Storage limitations based on MS Access)


      Dual-sided printing


      Batch printing


      iDIRECTOR™ (chip card encoding)


      Integrated photo capture


      Integrated signature capture


      ODBC import


      Live Link™ (Real time data exchange – Multi-table bi-directional data exchange with third party databases and applications – MS Access/SQL, MySQL & Oracle 9i)


      Custom reports


    Optional Annual/multi-year support packages

For specific information about Asure ID Exchange, other Asure ID software versions or additional id card software options, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.

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