Card Handling Tips

Direct to card id card printers use CR-80 pvc cards to make quality, secure identification cards for organizations and businesses. When making the identification cards with the organization’s card printer, it is important to understand how to handle the pvc cardstock that will be used to make future id cards.

Following are some tips for keeping the cards in great condition prior to use:

1. Card Storage: Always store new cards in their original package or in a dust free environment. Dusty cards will often not be completely cleaned off prior to printing. When dust is introduced to an id card printer in the printing process, the printer could be damaged and/or the printing of the card could be inferior due to dust becoming trapped in the printing of the card. The embedded dust may be visable with a less than professional looking result.

2. Contamination: Always hold cards on the edge without touching the surface of the card. Dust, oils, fingerprints and dirt are easily deposited on the surface of the card and affect the output of the card printer. Lines, dull spaces and undesired colors may appear on the printed card due to contaminates on the card surface. It is possible to harm the printer’s printhead with contaminated cards.

3. Dirty Cards: If cards have been dropped or handled in a way that would allow dirt and dust to touch the surface of the card, it is best to dispose of the cards. Clean, appropriately handled cards will provide a longer lifespan of the printer and will provide the quality cards needed for the job requirements.

Safe-Card ID provides id card printer systems and supplies to make simple and complex id cards. PVC cards of all types can be found on our website or located through our id card experts expecting to hear from you.

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