Construction Site ID Cards

It has never been more important to have security at a construction site. Whether large or small, construction sites are places where there are numerous subcontractors – many which do not know each other. Daily, supplies and equipment are brought in and out by subcontractors and suppliers that are necessary for the job. Keeping track of who is onsite and what equipment and supplies are available is complex, but is more critical then ever before.

To track the coming and going of both people and things, many construction sites use a photo id system to provide necessary tracking information and to provide a secure location where unauthorized people are not granted entrance. This alone can reduce the equipment and supply loss that occurs due to theft. By requiring photo ids for each subcontractor allowed on the job, other subcontractors are aware of the job the contractor is authorized to peform. To obtain the photo id, a subcontractor can be required to document pertainent information and qualifications for tracking and reporting purposes.

When an id card is issued, the subcontractor can be required to display the id by use of a hard hat badgeholder. The card will verifiy to all that the worker is authorized to be on site and can be designed to display the assignment area to be worked. If needed, the id card can be passed through and appropriate reader to provide time and attendance and other reporting that may be necessary for the specific job. Some job sites will integrate the id card with an access system to control access to some or all of the actual location.

Some construction software programs can track and identify equipment and supplies. Items can be logged in and out as policies would permit to track the location of needed items.

Construction ids are required for both large and small projects where the management deems that security and safety issues are a concern.

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