Employee Identification Badges

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Employee identification badges are commonplace in most businesses today. Originally, the identification card was used to document a name, title and photo of an employee. The card was used to visually identify the employee, such as a service technician, with the company that he/she was employeed with.

Current trends in the identification card industry combine the above identification function of the badge with multifunction options available with today’s id card printer systems. Smart card and proximity cards used today can store and provide a large amount of information. Cards like these can be used to access doors, log on to computer networks, produce payroll reports and a wide variety of secure access functions. These cards can be combined with the photo identification functionality to produce a compact item that meets many organizational requirements.

Employees that carry or wear photo id badges are found in goverment, educational institutions, large business, small business, healthcare environments and non-profit organizations. Specific needs of the organization’s operations determine the level of technology needed with the badges provided.

Depending on the organizational size and the desire to outsource this function, many businesses choose to outsource their badging needs to a company that will make their custom photo id badges for them. Completed badges are made by the service bureau and are sent to the appropriate personnel in the organization for distribution.

Other companies choose to obtain their own id card system. This allows the company to create badges at will and allows them to customize the badge design as needed on site without waiting for adjustment proofs and shipping time to receive updated badges.

Whether you need to have employee id cards, health care id badges police badges or church security cards, custom consultations are free of charge with our id card experts. Give them a call when you would like to discuss your company needs.

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