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Fargo 5000

Businesses need many items to be successful. Besides organizational goals and mission statements, the business office needs paper, pens, white out, phones, computers and numerous other items. Included in the list of items in most offices is an id maker. Employee ID badges are commonplace in today’s business environment and provide security and identification of employees easy for customers and visitors. Large corporations use id badges to help employees get to know each other.

Fargo is a leader in the badge machine industry. You can find printers from their factories in small business, schools and retail stores of all sizes. Fargo provides easy to operate id maker systems of high quaility. They will produce badges time after time and year after year.

The high security Fargo HDP5000 printers come with the following optional modules:

  • Magnetic stripes- This capability allows information to be stored on the stripe on the back of the card. Additional information can be stored and retrived from the HiCo stripe on this type of ID card.
  • Lamination- Tampering with a laminated badge will deface the look of the ID card. Laminating an ID badge secures the face of the card.
  • Smart Card- Smart card features allows information to be stored in the card for retrival by a reader with capabilities to extract the data
  • Printer Secure Lock- The HDP5000 can provide a feature to lock the machine and cards. This prevents users not authorized for card production from producing badges.

Read more about our Fargo printers and the Fargo HDP5000 on our website. Read more about the Fargo DTC550, Fargo DTC400e or the Fargo Persona C30e. We would be happy to provide a free consultation for your Fargo printer needs.

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