Hard Hat Badge Holder

ID badges are common in many types of workplaces. Some badges are hidden in a wallet or desk drawer while other badges are used frequently throughout the day for access and identification purposes.

One badge that is often used many times throughout the day is an id for an construction worker or contractor. Badges are constantly displayed to verify authenticity of the worker and also the credentials held by the card holder. A safe, secure way to carry the badge is needed by these workers who do not need to be bothered by card misplacement or loss. One of the most popular badge holder options for this situation is the hard hat badge holder.

This holder is a heavy, vinyl pouch which will hold the badge in an enlosed section of the holder. The pouch has a velcro attachment that attaches itself securely to the velcro mate that is easily attached to the hard hat.

The attachment provides an easy visual indentification method which allows the cardholder to move freely throughout his workday without worry about the security of the badge.

For a picture and more information about holder, information can be found on our hard hat badge holder page. Feel free to contact our id experts toll free at 888-485-4696 for additional information.

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