How to take ID Card Photos

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So you are in charge of taking good id card photos for your organizational id badges. Of course, you know what you will hear. “This looks worse than my driver’s license.” Don’t worry. We have tips that will guide you through the id card making process and will give you the best id card photos possible.

To get the best pictures possible of your members, set up your camera in the following way:

1. Set the digital camera to low resolution 640 x 480. You do not need a large picture to fit on an ID badge. Large pictures take up additional space on the computer.

2. Set the flash on flash fill. Turn time and date stamps on the camera off.

3. Test the camera by taking a few pictures prior to the picture shoot. This will help you feel comfortable with the particular camera and how it shoots. You can review the test shots to make sure that the pictures are correct in lighting and distance from the camera. Make sure that you photograph the person from the chest up and leave some room above the head.

For lighting and the setting we recommend the following:

1. Have the person photographed stand against a neutral backdrop. (We use light blue.)

2. Make sure there is enough light in the room. We recommend natural light, but often that is not possible. Consider setting up various light sources around the room to provide the best results for your pictures.

Ready for picture taking. Try these steps:

1. Talk with the person prior to taking the picture. Let the person know if they need to smile or be serious. Let then know if something about their hair or clothing may need to be adjusted prior to the picture.

2. Make sure that you photograph the person from the chest up and leave some room above the head.

3. Hold the camera steady or use a tripod for best picture results.

If sending the pictures to a service bureau for custom card printing.

1. Rename the .jpg picture to the person’s name.

2.Send pictures to the id badge service bureau through the method provided by your account representative.

Safe-Card ID provides all equipment and supplies needed to make id badges in house. We have id card printers and id software, cameras, and card making supplies. For more information on in house id card systems or custom id cards for your organization, contact our experts toll free at 888-485-4696.

One thought on “How to take ID Card Photos

  1. Scott Adams

    I’m gald that you suggested taking some practice photos, to make sure the lighting is working. I have been needing to start making ID cards for people, but I wasn’t sure how to do a good job. I’ll have to make sure and take some practice photos; so I don’t end up making a correction while everyone is waiting in line.

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