MagiCard Printer

MagiCard secure id card printers include a wide range of capabilities that offer you the best in print quality, security and the latest innovations for id card issuance. Common applications of cards that are produced in these printers are company ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, access control cards and government issued cards, such as a driver’s license. Cards produced on the MagiCard printers are personalized to the specific group or organizational needs. Photos, names, signatures, bar codes, embedded chips or magnetic strips — each custom field is important for the uses of the organization.

The unique feature of the Magicard printers is the patented HoloKote option available on The Tempo, Opera, Enduro, Alto, Rio 2e and Tango +L printers. The security watermark is applied to the clear “O” panel of the print ribbon during printing. The HoloKote is a frosting of a security image onto the clear overcoat. By tilting the printed card in daylight, the watermark is visible allowing greater security of the card. Combined with the HoloPatch option in some printer models, the security features of a basic id card are unmatched in entry level badge printers in the card printing industry.

The UltraCoverPlus warranty is a three year unlimited warranty package that is available with the professional line of the MagiCard printers. Technical support, printhead replacement and loaner printers are available within the warranty guidelines for each printer model.

For more information about the Magicard printer options, contact our id card experts.

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