SwiftID™ from HID Global

SwiftID™ is a ID card design application that comes free with the new Fargo DTC1000 printer, Fargo DTC4000 printer and Fargo DTC4500 printer models. The software allows an affordable option for designing and printing identification cards straight out of the box. Software installation on your computer for this application is not required.

This software is a basic card design and printing option for cards such as a visitor card or loyalty card. Since there is no database available with this application, the cards that have been printed can not be stored as in some ID card software such as the Asure ID software versions.

SwiftID™ is embedded within the printer. Only one PC can access the application at a given time. If you need multiple users to access the application, you can network the printer. When the printer is on a network, a PC on the network can access SwiftID™ by entering the printer’s IP address followed by /swiftID.html. The application can be accessed through the web browser, but it does not require an Internet connection.

Requirements for this application include an Adobe Flash player and a Windows or Mac conpatible web browser. To operate properly on the Mac, the printer must have an Ethernet connection. If you connect your printer by USB and later decide to connect to Ethernet, please follow the directions in the printer’s user guide to make both connections work.

Technical questions for this application are handled by HID’s technical support group.

Reasons to upgrade to the Asure ID software include a wider variety of font selections and bar code printing options. Any database management would need to be handled through a software upgrade. The SwiftID™ also does not have the capability to provide magentic stripe encoding or technology card encoding.

For additional information about the new Fargo printer models and options, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

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