ID Card Dimensions

The most popular PVC ID card dimensions, which are used in virtually all plastic card printers, are:

Imperial: 3.370″ wide x 2.125″ long x .030” thick
Metric: 85.60mm wide x 53.98mm long x 0.762mm thick

There are also other thicknesses available, ranging from 10 mils (0.010″; 0.254mm), to 50 mils (0.050″; 1.270mm). Note that not all plastic card printers can accommodate all card thicknesses, so confirm that you have the correct ID card dimensions for your device before purchasing non-standard cards.

Safe-Card ID Services offers a wide range of blank PVC and PVC-composite card-stock on our web-store. You can choose from the standard 30 mil, white, image-grade PVC cards, to cards that include mag-stripes or signature stripes. We also offer blank cards in a variety of colors, or made with composite poly-fiber blends to enhance durability.

We often refer to standard ID cards as “credit card size”. This is because they are the same dimensions as standard credit cards and most drivers’ licenses. They’re so popular and their use is so widespread because these small cards can easily fit into small places such as a purse or wallet, yet are able to withstand fairly rough conditions.

These cards’ size make them the ideal choice for student ID cards, employee badges, police badges, credit cards and driver’s licenses. The cards are often worn with a badge clip or lanyard if they need to be displayed. Attachments such as these add function to cards  used for access control and other frequent-use activities.

Need more info?

Safe-Card ID provides ID card printer systems, ID card software, PVC cards and other badge making equipment and supplies to produce cards for your unique requirements. Our ID experts can be reached toll-free at +1 888.485.4696 (US & Canada), or at +1 704.535.5200 elsewhere.

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