Evolis Dualys


The Evolis Dualys ID card printer is a popular European dual sided id card printer from France. It has become widely accepted in the United States for id card printing. The four color printer prints personalized id badges used for various organizations. Some common uses for these badges are: employee badges, student IDs, access control badges, transport passes, loyalty cards, and payment cards.

Single sided full color cards will print at a speed of 150 per hour. Dual sided cards will print a bit slower at 125 cards per hour.

The Windows Vista, XP and 2003 server drivers are supplied with the printer. Mac and Linux drivers are available for download from the Evolis website. eMedia card design software is provided free with the purchase of a printer. The printer has a USB port and can be equiped with the optional Ethernet port.

The manufacturer warranty for this printer is one of the best in the market – three years.

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