Persona C30e

Persona C30e

This new entry level id card printer has made complex id card printing available to the smallest of organizations. Until recently, an entry level printer to make PVC identification cards cost a few thousand dollars. With a more reasonable price and increased technical capabilities, the Persona C30e made by Fargo will provide additional options that K-12 schools, small businesses and clubs are needing.

ID card printers, such as the Persona C30e made by Fargo, are easy to install and they provide full color, durable identification printed on plastic cards the size of your credit card. The printer can provide a solid, single color printed card or a colorful front size card.

The printer is provided as a single side or a dual sided printer. The dual sided printer contains a flipper module that allows the printer to print the complete front side of the card, flip the card over and reroute it through the printer for a black print prior to extracting the card from the printer.

An encoder module may also be added to this printer. The encoder chosen can provide the ability to encode cards for door access. The printer has modules available that can encode contact and contactless smart cards, proximity cards and magentic stripe cards.

Another new option with the release of Fargo’s new entry level printer was to give the option to print on cards thinner or thicker than a standard 30 ml card. The range of cards that can be printed with the Persona C30e are from nine ml to 40 ml thick. The thin cards are frequently used for customer loyalty, parking and membership cards. The thicker cards are often proximity cards that contain embedded chips for storing information.

Rewritable cards are also becoming popular in various industries. A card used may only be needed for a few days or even hours. These cards can be erased and rewritten for multiple use, such as a visitor badge. Special cards are needed to allow the printer to update the card using heat from printer’s printhead.

For a specific review and recommendation for meeting your printing requirements, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696. Read more about the Fargo DTC550, Fargo DTC400e or the Persona C30e. We would be happy to provide a free consultation for your Fargo printer needs.

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