Evolis Tattoo 2 – How to Clean the Cleaning Rollers

To make sharp looking personalized cards, it is important to keep your ID card printer in a clean environment. Even then, it is important to follow the manufacturer cleaning recommendations to keep your printer printing it’s best. Following is an Evolis video demonstrating how to clean the printer’s cleaning rollers.

1. Open the printer cover.

2. Remove the ribbon.

3. Locate the cleaning roller and remove it.

4. Use a cleaning wipe from your Evolis cleaning kit.

5. Remove any dust by gently rubbin the wipe across the roller surface.

6. Once the roller is clean and dry, place it back into the printer and make sure it is in the appropriate position.

7. Set the ribbon back in place and close the printer cover.

8. Remove the printer feeder.

9. Clean the roller with the wipe by gently rubbing it.

10. Reattach the feeder to the printer and push it until it clicks back into place.

11. The printer is now ready for printing.

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Visit the manufacturer website here.