Fargo DTC500 With a Ribbon Peel Off Bar Line

Our Fargo technical representatives are sharing some common issues with ID card printing. If the following picture looks like the card printing problem you are having, the ribbon peel off bar may need adjustment.

The dark area at the beginning of the card is caused by the “Ribbon Peel-Off Bar” being adjusted too low. When the printhead starts printing the printhead pressure is normal until the card goes under Ribbon Peel-Off Bar. The remainder of the card is printed too light because the Ribbon Peel-Off Bar lifts the printhead slightly off of the card.

To correct this problem it is necessary to raise the Ribbon Peel Off Bar slightly.

Please consult with the ID card intergrator technical support area where you purchased your printer to obtain assistance for your specific printer issue prior to adjustment. For information about the Fargo DTC550 and current Fargo printers, contact our ID Card experts at 888-485-4696.

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