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Fargo DTC500 Printer Prints with White Pixel Lines Across the ID Card

It is common for our technical staff to hear a customer call and wonder why there is a white clear line across the ID cards that they are printing with their ID card printer. Following are pictures of two types of white lines on printed ID cards.

printhead damage

The white line in the above picture across the card is wide and is caused by physical damage to the printhead.

Printhead Problem

The light thin straight line across the card is normally caused by a bad pixel in the printhead. Although a line this thin can be caused by a damaged printhead, it is usually due to a burned out pixel.

To correct either of these problems, the printhead assembly needs to be replaced. For information about Fargo printer printhead replacements with the Fargo DTC550 or other Fargo printer models, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Fargo DTC550 – Tips to Determine if the Printhead is Bad

Fargo DTC400e Dual If you are experiencing one of more thin white lines that travel the entire length of a printed card and the problem persists with every card, it is possible that you have a chipped, scratched or externally damaged printhead. It is also possible that it could be a blown pixel in the printhead.

To see if the printhead is damaged:

1. Clean the printer. Make sure to take special care when using the printhead cleaning pen to remove any particles stuck to the printhead.
2. Visually inspect the printhead for any remaining dirt.
3. Attempt to reprint one of the cards.
4. If the problem still persists, carefully remove the printhead.
5. Using a magnifying glass, inspect the glass edge of the printhead for scratches, chips or external damage.
6. If no damage is noticed, the printhead may have a blown pixel.

Printheads are only warrantied by evaluation processes through Fargo technical support. RMAs are needed for an evaluation to occur. If you see visible damage on your printhead, it will not be covered under your warranty, and you must purchase a new printhead.

For more information about Fargo printers and the Fargo DTC550 printer, our ID card experts can be reached at 888-485-4696.