Tales from the Intake Department: Fargo Uptrade Edition

The Fargo UpTrade Program: Credit for Any Printer

We recently received a trade-in printer after one of our clients took advantage of the excellent Fargo UpTrade program. One of the best features of this program is that you can receive a credit for a printer in ANY condition. In this particular case, that included evidence that rats had been inside the printer (at SCID, we’re pretty grateful that rat poop is rarely part of our job description). Luckily for our client, this doesn’t even affect the credit they receive for trading in their old printer.

Fargo UpTrade Program

If you’re looking sideways at your old printer right now, you aren’t alone. Let us help you replace it and get some money back for your current printer, regardless of condition. Generally, however, we recommend keeping your systems rodent-free; they tend to last longer. 😉

The Safe-Card ID Service Promise

Another benefit of using the Fargo UpTrade program through us? Safe-Card ID is proud to offer free telephone-based support for our clients. Our experts are happy to help clients with any update issues, or to answer any questions about the information above! For more information and help determining what new printer best suits your needs contact one of our experts at +1 888.485.4696 (US & Canada), or +1 704-535-5200 from other locations. You may also browse our online printer catalog.