Evolis Card Printers – Card Feed Problems


The Evolis ID card printers may have occasion when they will not feed cards from the card hopper. Often, when there are just a few cards in the hopper, the printer will feed fine. When the card hopper is filled with 100 cards, the printer will not take in the card from the card hopper.

The issue is usually not with the Evolis printer. This problem is usually due to the cards themselves. These are the list of things to look for below.

1. Make sure the cards are fanned to get rid of any static. With the extra weight, it sometimes will cause miss feeds.
2. If the card guide is set for 30 mil adjust to a little thicker like 35 mil.
3. Clean the front roller with the advanced cleaning. (Open the lid and press the power button. All rollers will move. Then apply a cleaning card to really clean that intake roller)
4. Check the card feeder the problem might be with the feeder itself.

For additional information about Evolis printers, contact our ID card experts t 704-535-5200.

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