Student ID

student id

Many schools, beginning in elementary school and going all the way through the university level, have found that providing students with id cards provides positive results.

In elementary school, students often are provided with a basic plastic id card to wear on a a daily basis. The id card serves as a form of ID so that staff and faculty members are aware of the student’s name, where the student is assigned to and verification that to student is actually enrolled at the school. Some schools desire a photo on the name tag, while other schools are more concerned with an easily read name. Usually the school logo and possibly a bar code are found on the badge.

If an elementary school student card displays a bar code, the school is often equiped to process debit transactions from the student account in the lunchroom and provide media center checkout with a scan of the bar code. Other specific items can be tracked or monitored with use of a bar code as well.

In a high school or university setting, additional uses are often required of the student id. Following are some uses of the student id in institutions of higher learning.

Student Identification
Building Access
Network Login
Attendance Systems
Cashless Debit System for Food Vending
Media Center Checkout
Equipment Checkout
Fundraising Activities
Hall Passes
Renaissance Cards

For additional information using student id badges to service your school requirements, contact our id card experts toll free at 888-485-4696. We have experience in consulting organizations needing student ids, employee ids, health care identification, police badges, gift cards, transit passes and many more applications.

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