Magicard HoloKote Video

This video from Magicard demonstrates the Magicard HoloKote tool available on Magicard ID card printers. The HoloKote tool provides a custom key for your HoloKote enabled card printer model.

The custom key is a memory card device. The key holds your custom HoloKote watermark logo and is also able to lock some models of the id card printers. The logos are in black and white. To create the HoloKote, you can upload your logo in any format and it will be converted into the correct image.


2 thoughts on “Magicard HoloKote Video

  1. SafeCardID Team

    Thanks for your inquiry and for providing your email address, Jimmy. As this question required a detailed and personalized response, we’ve responded to the email provided. Best regards, the Safe-Card ID Team.

  2. jimmy

    would like to get a custom holokote in grid style can you do this let me no if you can and also where to send my custom picture and do you ship to australia and also payment details thanks

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