New Firmware from Evolis

As part of its continuous improvement policy, Evolis has recently released new firmware version 1801 for their main printer lines. Keeping your firmware up-to-date helps ensure that your printer works at peak performance. Often clients with out of date firmware will have trouble with their printer recognizing new ribbons or interacting with their computers. By keeping your firmware current, you can avoid many of these difficulties.

To update your firmware, please visit the Drivers & Support page on the Evolis website. Once there, simply select your printer model and scroll to the firmware downloads section. New firmware is available for the Evolis Primacy (all models), Evolis Zenius, Evolis Avansia, and Evolis Badgy 100 and 200 printers.

Note that we recommend you update your Evolis printer drivers to the latest version as well. The driver update program is located right alongside the firmware update on the Evolis website.

And, for our regular clients, you can always call us for free technical support or assistance in performing these upgrades. You can reach our experts toll-free at +1 888.485.4696, or direct dialing at +1 704.535.5200.