cardPresso Software Update Now Available

cardPresso Software Update 1.4.159

A new cardPresso software update has been released as a free upgrade to licensed users of the product. Version 1.4.159 of the popular ID-card design and printing software is available for download directly from the cardPresso website.

cardPresso software update for all 5 editions

This cardPresso software update:

  • improves the user interface,
  • improves database functionality, and
  • adds support for new printer and camera models.

GUI Improvements

To provide a better user experience, cardPresso has enhanced the graphical user interface. For example, the behavior of date fields has been improved. When adding or editing data records, users may pre-populate the field with the current date. This option is perfect for including the issuance or printing date in your card designs. Another option allows users to choose a date with a pop-up calendar (“date picker”) or to manually enter it.

Database Support Improvements

This cardPresso software update also implements greater database functionality in its XM, XL, & XXL editions. Users can now filter database records to customize operations and workflows. Additionally, when using the native MS Access File Driver, users can link directly to Access ACCDB files. This cardPresso database “live-link” feature allows users edit data only once and immediately see these changes reflected in the selected database.

Additional Hardware Support

This new software release also includes enhanced support for the IDP Smart50 card printer and for recent Canon EOS model cameras. Users with Canon EOS cameras compatible with Canon SDK v.3.5 or later benefit from in-program advanced camera controls. These are accessible when using cardPresso’s live-capture mode. These improved integration features result in an overall better user experience.

As a reminder, all cardPresso editions support USB-attached webcams and digital cameras that have compliant Directshow, WIA/TWAIN, and/or UVC drivers. For example, our popular HD Image Cam Pro remains fully compatible with all cardPresso editions.

The Bottom Line

In summary, this cardPresso software update makes cardPresso easier to use and offers more ways to connect with your information and hardware. This free update will help streamline your badge making process.

The Safe-Card ID Service Promise

Safe-Card ID is proud to offer free telephone-based support for our clients. Our experts are happy to help clients with any update issues, or to answer any questions about the information above! You can reach us toll-free at +1 888.485.4696 (US & Canada), or +1 704-535-5200 from other locations.

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