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The New Fargo DTC Printers

A breakthrough in direct to card printing, the Fargo DTC printer/encoders are illustrated in the following HID Global produced video. These new printers produce a fantastic ID card at an affordable price point.

[This video is no longer available, as this is not Fargo’s current line of printers. Thank you!]

Fargo DTC1000
Hassle free ribbon installation
Easy, plug and play printing
Easy to use Swift ID card application at no additional cost

Fargo DTC4000
Migrate to higher security
Moveable smart screen with on-board diagnostics
Enhanced security with UV printing
Optional same side input & output hoppers
Ugradeable encoding modules for added security

Fargo DTC4500
Maximum Security
Maximum Power
Optional single-sided lamination or dual sided, simultaneous lamination for maximum security
Print and encode inline via one USB or ethernet cable
A powerful printer for high volume printing.

For a free consultation with an ID card expert about these new Fargo printer models, contact our sales and service at 888-485-4696.
Experts in the new printer lineup: Fargo DTC1000, Fargo DTC4000 and Fargo DTC4500