Zebra P330i – Installing ID Card Printer Drivers


The printer driver for the Zebra P330i can be installing using the following steps:

1. Insert the Windows CD into the computer CD-Rom Drive. The Install Wizard will guide our installation on the computer.
2. After selecting “install print driver” from the main menu, the install shield wizard will install on the computer.
3. Click next to continue.
4. The select the features window will display. Select the install USB printers drivers button.
5. The license agreement will display. Click yes to continue installation.
6. The setup type window will display. Select the appropriate installation and click next.
7. The select program screen will display. Choose the default or folder of your choice.
8. The setup status window will display the progress of the installation.
9. The congratulations window will display. Click next.
10. You will have an option to read the read me files.
11. The install wizard complete screen will display. Click finish to restart the computer.

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