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Fargo HDP5000

Do you need technical assistance with your Fargo HPD5000 or HDPii printer? Safe-Card ID Services is an authorized dealer and support center for the full Fargo printer line. But there are many things you can do yourself to investigate and resolve issues. We always recommend you check for and apply any updates to the printer’s device drivers and embedded firmware. Plus, the freely available printer reference guides provide a wealth of information on the use and maintenance of these devices. Fortunately, Fargo makes these easy to locate. These items and more can be found and easily downloaded from the support pages at the manufacturer’s website.

The following typical and popular items are available for download:

Printer Drivers:

  • HDP5000 Driver
  • HDPii Driver

Printer Firmware:

  • Fargo HDP5000 firmware
  • HDPii firmware

User Guide

Diagnostic Tools:

  • Fargo Workbench Utility – This is a free utility that provides security, diagnostic and firmware upgrades. Through this utility, there are capabilities to set password controlled access to your printer, locate and print sample cards, and access printer and ribbon information. There is also a built-in Update Manager, which can be used to check for and apply printer driver and firmware updates for all current, and many legacy Fargo printers.

Visit the HID Global/Fargo drivers & downloads page to locate the items you may need.

For other technical or support issues with Fargo HDP5000 & HDPii printers, or any other Fargo printers, contact us for a free consultation at +1 888.485.4696, or visit us at www.safecardid.com.

108 thoughts on “Fargo HDP5000 – Technical Support Resources

  1. russell

    Please can u please send clear instruction on how to clean my machine. The leaflets which i bought the machine , are not clear & it seems they are for an earlier version of the machine. Please assist a.s.a.p coz i have a big job that i want to do ,coz the instruction says that i should clean after every prints.

  2. SafeCardID Team


    To clean the printhead:

    Open the printer cover. Remove the print ribbon. Squeeze the cleaning swab to saturate the tip of the swab with alcohol. Use the swab to gently rub back & forth over the printhead a few times. Let the printhead dry prior to replacing the ribbon and closing the cover.

    To clean the platen and card feed rollers:

    Open the printer cover and remove the print ribbon. Remove all of the cards in the printer input hopper. Use the cleaning card from the cleaning kit. Remover the adhesive backing from both sides of the card. Insert the cleaning card into the single feed card slot until the card stops. Open the printer driver on your computer and select “Printing Preferences.” Click on the clean printer button. Click on the clean button. The printer will pull in the card to begin the printer cleaning process.

  3. Martin from Poland

    Hi, how can I clean my printer ? Heve you some maual “How to clean HDP 5000” or somethint like this ? Best regards.

  4. Ron Smith, Gibbs College Ct

    I have a HDP5000 that when I try a test card gives me a “RIBBON MISCUE” and stops. I haven’t been able to find a fix for it.

    Thanks for any help you can give…

  5. SafeCardID Team

    Go to the print drivers and do a ribbon calibration adjustment. Then try to run the test card from the print driver. Make sure that you are using the correct ribbon – YMCK or YMCKK.

  6. SafeCardID Team

    Go to the print drivers and locate the clean printer button. Follow the directions provided using a Fargo HDP5000 cleaning kit.

  7. Mark

    Hi there,

    I am using the HPD5000 Printer and I keep getting an Error 93 – Wrong Ribbon. I have been told it is a 2 way communication problem. I have it setup as a network printer and the PC reports that the printer is ready and it accepts a test page but then errors. If I try to go into Device Options under Printer Properties it says it cannot get the details from the printer. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks,

  8. SafeCardID Team

    Our technical area advises that the print driver may need to be installed on the server as well as the local machines when the printer is set up on a network. If you need specific help with your situation, you may want to contact the technical department at Fargo for assistance.

  9. Mr.Somsak Vichetchart

    Dear Sir

    I buy printer fargo hdp5000 2 unit, camera 1 unit and asureid2009 Enterprise licence. I have problem. I need to move DB to new Server. DB is SQL. after move DB success. and change connection on Asureid program. but not work.
    please help me. how to move DB to New Server.

    Mr.Somsak Vichetchart

  10. SafeCardID Team

    The Asure Enterprise software is based on a Microsoft Access database. If your data is in the software databasae you will need to convert it to SQL. Then use the live link feature to connect your Asure database to the tables in My SQL. Make sure that the tables and fields are labeled the same or it will not connect.

  11. SafeCardID Team

    This printer is most likely still under warranty. We recommend locating your serial number and contacting Fargo support for detailed assistance.

  12. jay

    I just bought Fargo HDP5000, when i try to print badge it come out with very bad color quality, it seems like the the letter character and the picture is not in proper place as it is… please i need advise how to fix my printer..

  13. SafeCardID Team

    Hi Jay,

    The best way to get specific help with your printer is to contact the distributor providing your printer to you. They should have technical support options for you. If you are not able to get support you need from where you purchased the printer, you can contact the manufacturer for support.

    Manufacturer contact information is by phone or fax at:
    Toll Free: (866) 607-7339 Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Central Time
    Via Fax: (949) 732-2359

  14. Girmay

    Dear Sirs,
    We have HDP 5000 Card printer and these days when it prints there is too much heat and it is melting the card giving it irregular shape. And please if you know where i can find the manual please attach me the link.
    thank you

  15. Blake turner

    Just recently I noticed my hdp5000 printing funny.

    all the colours are not lining up perfectly and causing an eye sore trying to read or look at the printed image. almost like looking at a 3D movie without blue/red glasses.

    I have done the film calibration and the ribbon calibration and does Nothing to help the problem.

    And printing the fargo test print, aswell as the fargo alignment card, both show same issues direct from printer, without printing from computer.

  16. SafeCardID Team

    We recommend using a cleaning kit to clean the printer. Something that may be happening is that the cards are slipping on the rollers in the printer.

  17. SafeCardID Team

    Thanks for your question.

    If your unit has a lamination module on it, make sure that you are using composite PVC cards.

    Also check in the printer driver for the lamination module heat adjustments. Adjust as needed.

  18. mohsen

    i have a problem with my HDP5000
    when i want to print a card for the first time after i turn on my device, i have an error with this title ” TFR WARM …/175″
    could you please help me in this field?
    Thank you

  19. Makius

    I have a HDP5000 and every time I try to print, I get a printing error “Ribbon blunder” when the process comes to cyan. The tape is not broken, the machine is clean … The error has suddenly appeared today.

    As you can fix this error?

  20. SafeCardID Team

    Go to the print drivers and run the ribbon calibration sensor setup. This may take care of your ribbon issues. If not, please contact Fargo Technical support at 800-459-5636 for specific assistance.

  21. sanja

    HDP 5000
    Printer jam: Error112. It is now consistently happening with every card.
    How do I fix this? Thank you.

  22. Mike

    Hi, I have recently purchased a YMCFK UV ribbon and I can’t seem to get the printer or programs I’m printing with to recognize the ribbon. What do I need to do

  23. SafeCard ID Team Post author

    Hi Mike,

    Make sure to go into your printer driver and select the ribbon type that you are using. That is the usual first step to take to get the printer to recognize a new ribbon type.

  24. Karla

    How do you resolve an “error: 68”?

    I cannot get the stuck cards (note the plural, it appears the printer sucked in two versus one card) dislodged.

  25. SafeCard ID Team Post author

    Hi Karla!

    The first step to removing the stuck cards is to turn the printer off (unplug the power) and turn the printer back on. When you do this the printer may self eject the card when powering up.

    Thanks for visiting us.

  26. Sunny

    I recently bought the printer and right after I install the colour ribbon, it says ERROR: 28 (NO FILM). I have done everyting to fix this but failed. Please help

  27. moa

    We use hdp600, and just after printer start to print cards comes up message check the film, do you have idea how to solve this problem.

    thank you

  28. SafeCard ID Team Post author

    Hi Amir,

    More information is needed to determine what steps are needed to get the card to eject. You may want to contact Fargo support directly at 800-459-5636 option 5 for detailed assistance.

  29. Yasser_HA

    Hey, my Fargo HIP500 is making a weird sound in the film motor i guess. It is like the motor cannot load the film or something like that.

  30. CaHa AyeHemee

    Hello, May I ask, how can I fix my HDP5000, every time I print a card it always appear on a Pop-up “CARD JAM” and when I cancel it the front part of the card is printed but the back part is not, Please help me. Thank you so much in advance..

  31. SafeCard ID Team Post author

    Thanks for your question! It sounds like the ribbon you have selected in the print driver is not the correct type. Check and see what kind of ribbon you are using for your printing. You may be trying to use a YMCK ribbon to print front and back without choosing the correct setting in the print driver. If you want to print front and back and want black on the back you will need a YMCKK ribbon; if you want to print color on both sides you can use the YMCK but you must create a setting in the print driver to print both sides in color.

    In order to make sure that everything is updated, you may also want to install new firmware to the printer and a new print driver onto your PC. The best tool to make sure you have what you need is Fargo Workbench, which you can download here: https://www.hidglobal.com/drivers/15325 by selecting your printer and system.

  32. SafeCard ID Team Post author

    Thanks for your question! You should be able to clear the jam by unplugging the printer power supply, plus all cords connecting it to your network or computer; waiting 5 seconds; then plugging ONLY the power supply back in (you don’t want the printer trying to process any waiting print jobs until the jam has been cleared). This should automatically clear any jams, unless the transfer film is stuck to the card, in which case the jammed card(s) will need to be cleared manually. If do attempt to remove it manually, do not use excessive force or any sharp objects in doing so. Either can damage the print head or rollers, resulting in an expensive repair. This process can be tricky, so feel free to call us to get an expert to walk you through it.

    If you find it is NOT a card jam, then you may have a bad drive-motor or drive-belt, and the printer will likely need to be sent to us for service, where we’ll diagnose and correct any issues.

  33. Stefan Zdravkovic

    I have a FARGO HDP5000 printer and every time I try and print something the printer screen says Job Data Error ( Error 106). Please Help

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