Bar Codes Not Working when Scanned

Question to our Technical Support Staff:

My bar code will not read when placing the card on/in the scanner.

Techncial Response:

One of the reasons that the bar code will not read may be that the printer driver settings are incorrect in the id card printer that is printing on the PVC card. The id card printer may be set to print a process called a “composite card.” This process is incorrect as the bar code needs to be printed by a true resin black process.

If you think your id card printer is not printing in true resin black. Follow the procedures below to check and/or correct your printer settings.

    1. Pull out the print ribbon from your printer after you have printed a card containing a bar code.
    2. Look at each panel of the ribbon that has printed the card containing the bar code.
    3. If you see places in each of the various ribbon panels that look like the bar code, the printer has built the bar code by using color panels. This is the composite printing and the bar code will not work correctly in most instances.
    4. To change the printer settings to require the bar code print in resin black, go to the K-resin tab in your print driver.
    5. Set the tab to print K-resin black for the bar code.
    6. Apply the settings.
    7. Rerun the print job. This should solve the bar code problem.

For specific information about Fargo printers and the capabilities of current ID card printer systems, contact our ID card experts toll free at 888-485-4696.

Evolis Printer – Install an Ethernet Printer on Mac 10.4 and 10.5

Following are the steps to install the driver on a Mac 10.4 or 10.5:

1. Prior to starting the installation, plug in the printer to the Mac and make sure that you have Administrator rights.

2. Go to the Evolis website at Download the necessary driver and follow the instructions during your installation.

3. Open the System Preferences.
Mac Installation

Then open the printers and faxes.
Mac Installation

4. Click on the + to add and then click on the IP PRINTER button printer which should be already detected.
Mac Installation

5. Choose the HP Jet Direct Socket option in the Printer Broswer section, choose Select a driver.
Mac Installation

6. Enter the printer’s IP address and select EVOLIS in the Print Using section.
Mac Installation

7. Choose in the menu list the Evolis driver and the language you need. Click on Add to validate your choice.
Mac Installation

8. The driver in now ready to be used.
Mac Installation

9. To print your design, open your card printing software. Click on file and print to access the printing properties.
Mac Installation

10. Make sure the correct driver has been selected for the printer and check the paper size in Card. Go to the printer features to access the Evolis driver properties if you need to communicate with the printer.
Mac Installation

11. Open the driver spooler from the Print and Fax section and click on Utility
Mac Installation

For more information about Evolis printers, search our blog about Evolis printer support or call our ID experts at 888-485.4696.

Fargo Printer – Cleaning the ID Card Printer

Fargo HDP5000

It is important to keep the Fargo card printer clean to provide professional quality ID card printing for years to come. When cleaning the printer, follow the steps below to ensure the printer is cleaned correctly.


1. Open the printer front cover.
2. Remove the print ribbon.
3. Squeeze the printhead cleaning swab to saturate the tip of the swab with alcohol.
4. Rub the swab gently back and forth over the length of the printhead.
5. When the printhead is completely dry, replace the ribbon and close the front cover.


1. Open the printer front cover and remove the print ribbon.
2. Remove the cards from the printer’s input hopper.
3. Use the cleaning card from the cleaning kit and remove the adhesive backing from both sides of the card.
4. Insert the cleaning card into the single feed card slot until the card stops.
5. From your computer, open the printer driver and select “printing preferences.”
6. Click on the “clean printer” button.
7. Click on the “clean” button.

At this point, the printer will pull in the cleaning card. The printer will perform an automated cleaning.

Cleaning the Printer’s Interior

Occasionally, use a cleaning pad from your cleaning kit to remove dust and dirt from inside the printer.

Cleaning the Printer’s Exterior

Use a cleaning pad from the cleaning kit to remove dirt from the outside of the printer.

For information about the Fargo HDP5000 printers or other Fargo printers, contact us for a free consultation at 888-485-4696.

Evolis Pebble – Setting the Correct Ribbon Settings

Evolis Pebble 4

The majority of people who print ID badges set the system up for the single badge design and are good to go. Other groups have various cards designs for various applications. Some of these cards may be full color and other cards may be single color. To save on costs, the single color cards can be printed using a single color ribbon and a ribbon change is made when switching from the single color to a multi color card.

If your cards are not printing correctly after switching out the ribbon, follow the following steps on your PC to adjust the printer and software to the new ribbon selection.

    • 1. Go to your computer start button.
      2. Select printers and faxes
      3. Select the Evolis Pebble and right click.
      4. Select printing preferences.
      5. On the graphic tab, the first selecton is “ribbon”. Select the correct ribbon for your new printing job. Click “Set Ribbon.” Click “Ok.”

When you open your ID card software, check the printer settings. Make sure that your ribbon selection is the same as the one you set in the printer driver.

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Evolis Dualys Printer – The Card Prints Black

When printing with an Evolis Dualys3 ID-card printer, and the card prints solid black, you likely have an improper print-driver setting. This problem most often occurs when printing dual-sided cards, where you intend the front-side to be full-color, with the back-side monochrome-black.

Evolis Dualys3 - Card Prints Black

The Cause of Card Prints Black Issues:

There doesn’t seem to be a definitive cause, but there is a high correlation with updates and upgrades to Windows, and onset of the problem. We believe that these updates and upgrades result in the Dualys3 printer driver being reset to its defaults. In particular, the “ribbon-type” parameter gets reset to assume use of a R3011 print-ribbon, rather that the R3314 ribbon.

The Fix for Card Prints Black Issues:

Prior to beginning the instructions below, please verify that you are logged into Windows with a user-ID that has administrative privileges. Alternately, ensure your ID has been granted elevated privileges sufficient to allow updating printer drivers. If you do not have the required privileges, contact your IT-support provider for assistance.


  1. If open, close the application you are using to print cards.
  2. Locate the Windows “Start” button (generally, in the lower-left corner of your screen).
  3. Access the device-driver settings screen, as follows:
    1. Windows 8.1 & Windows 10: Right-click the Windows icon, and select “Settings”, then “Control Panel”, then “Devices and Printers”.
    2. Windows 7: Left-click the Windows icon, and select “Devices and Printers” from the right-side menu. If that choice is not available, select “Control Panel”, then “Devices and Printers”. Note that, if accessing via Control Panel, you may need to switch the Control Panel default view from “Categories” to “Small Icons”, in the upper right of the screen.
    3. Windows XP: Left-click the Windows “Start” button, and select “Printers and Faxes” from the right-side menu. If that choice is not available, select “Control Panel”, then “Printers and Faxes”.
  4. In resultant window, locate the Evolis Dualys3 within the list of printers.
  5. Right-click on the printer then with a left-click, select “Printing preferences”. This will open the device-driver settings window.
  6. Ensure that the “Graphics” tab is selected then change the ribbon setting from “R3011 – 5-panel colour ribbon YMCKO” to ribbon type “R3314 – 6-panel colour ribbon – YMCKOK”.
  7. Single-click on the “Apply” button, then the “OK” button to save the setting change.
  8. Close the device view window, and the Control Panel window (if opened).
  9. Cycle the power on the Dualys3 either with the power button, or by unplugging for 5 seconds, and then plugging in again.
  10. Re-open your card-printing application and resume printing.

Following the above procedure should restore normal printing function for your Evolis Dualys3 printer.

Need more info?

Safe-Card ID Services is an authorized dealer and service provider for the full line of Evolis productions. For further information on or assistance with your Evolis printer, give our ID-card experts a call toll-free at +1 888.485.4696 (US & Canada) or +1 704.535.5200 (elsewhere).

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software – Lobby Track

For excellent visitor and member management software, look no further than Lobby Track 4. The software registers visitors and members. The software will issue permanent and temporary badges as well as track time and attendance. Various activities can be monitored through this software.


For detailed information about Lobby Track Software, you can view screen shots from the software on our site.


View Demos of the Lobby Track Software


Download a free trial version of the Lobby Track Software

For additional information about visitor id management systems or photo id card printer systems, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.

Installing and Setting up the Persona C30e

Guide to Persona C30e Printer Setup and Installation

While unpacking the printer, inspect the packaging to make sure that no damage has occurred during transit. The following items are included with the printer:

1. Power Supply
2. Power Cable
3. Software Installation CD/User Guide
4. User Guide
5. Warranty Statement and Registration Card

Connecting the Printer Power

1. Plug the AC adapter power cable into the back of the printer.
2. Plug the wall power cable into the AC power adapter.
3. Plug the wall power cable into a standard 110VAC power outlet.

Install the Ribbon Cartridge

1. Open the front Cover by pressing the black rubber pad and lowering the cover down.
2. Remove the liner on the card cleaning roller (there is a blue arrow on it) and remove the ribbon securing (this is a blue piece on the back of the cartridge).
3. Slide the ribbon cartridge into the printer.
4. Close the front cover and press the front cover’s black rubber pad until the front cover is securely closed.

Installing Blank Cards into the Card Hopper for Batch Mode Printing

1. Open the card hopper cover.
2. Press the card hopper load lever down until the card tray locks in place.
3. Load up to 100 cards into the hopper. Print side goes down.
4. Close the card hopper cover to release the card tray.

Lower the Card Output Hopper

Pull the output hopper down until it snaps into place.

Install the Print Driver

Close all programs and insert the software installation CD into your computer’s CD drive. The CD’s installer program will automatically open. Follow the CD’s on-screen procedures to complete the installation. During this installation, you will be directed to connect the USB cable and specify the ribbon that will be used.

Printing a Test Print Image

1. Go to your computer’s startup menu. Select Settings>Printers and Faxes or Printers.
2. Double click on the card printer under the printer’s window.
3. Select the printing preferences under the printer drop-down menu which will bring up the printing preferences window.
4. Select the card tab and click on the Test Print button. The image is copied to the printer.

For additional information about Persona C30e printers or photo ID card systems, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

ID Template Ideas

Many purchasers of ID card printer systems do well when setting up their system components. The problem they sometimes have is in developing the card layout in the design phase.

Prior to beginning the badge design in the ID card software, it is a good idea to determine the requirements of the badge.

Will the card need to be printed on the front and back?
Do you have good quality logos and other images needed for the badge?
What is required on the badge in terms of text, logos, bar codes, and pictures?

Following are a number of badge designs that may assist you in the design layout (Click on the image for an enlarged picture):

Sample ID Badge Sample ID Badge
Sample ID Badge ID Badge Sample
Sample ID Badge ID Badge Sample
Sample ID Badge sample id badge

For additional information about photo id card printer systems or custom photo id cards, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.

Zebra P330i – Installing a Print Ribbon


Following are the directions to install a printer ribbon in the Zebra P330i printer:

1. Make sure that you will be installing a True Colors i series ribbon and it is recommended to leave the printer on during the printer ribbon installation.

2. Open the printer lid and push the blue release arrow forward.

3. Lift up the printhead carriage and remove the used ribbon.

4. Hold the ribbon spool in your right hand with the white end facing the printer. In your left hand, hold the empty spool. The tape should still be attached.

5. Make sure the ribbon feeds across the top of the spools.

6. Place the ribbon on the spindle located under the printhead carriage. Place the empty spool on the take up spindle to the left of the carriage.

7. Press the spools firmly onto the spindles.

8. Press down on the printhead carriage until it clicks into position.

9. The printer will automatically adjust the ribbon. If the ribbon was installed correctly the LCD display will display the word “ready”.

Find out specific information about Zebra Printer models:

Zebra P110i
Zebra P330i
Zebra P430i
Zebra P520i

For other Zebra printing tips see the following videos:

Zebra P330i – ID Card Printing Tips

Zebra P330i – Using the Single Card Feeder

Zebra P330i – Loading PVC Cards

Zebra P330i – Installing Printer Drivers

Zebra P330i – Installation Tips

Magicard HoloKote Video

This video from Magicard demonstrates the Magicard HoloKote tool available on Magicard ID card printers. The HoloKote tool provides a custom key for your HoloKote enabled card printer model.

The custom key is a memory card device. The key holds your custom HoloKote watermark logo and is also able to lock some models of the id card printers. The logos are in black and white. To create the HoloKote, you can upload your logo in any format and it will be converted into the correct image.