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Fargo C30e – Downloading the Printer Driver

To download the current printer driver, firmware and Workbench utility for the Fargo and Persona printers, visit the HID tech support website to obtain the most current version of the files. They can be downloaded here.

1. Under “What type of product” select “printer” from the drop down list.

2. Find your printer model by scrolling down the model options. Choose your printer model from the “For what product” list and click the “Go” button. If you have an older printer that is not on the list, choose “Other” at the bottom of the list. Be sure to choose the correct printer model.

3.  Click on the Windows printer driver to download it.

4.  Click the Save button.

5.  Browse to the folder where you want to save the downloaded file and click the Save button.

6.  Repeat the above steps to download the “Persona C30e Firmware Windows/Linux” and if it is not already installed on your system, download the “Workbench”.

7.  Additional blog posts will be coming for installing the printer driver, firmware and workbench.

Current Fargo Printer Models:

Fargo Printer Systems

Fargo C30e

Fargo DTC 400e

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Fargo DTC4500

Fargo HDP5000

All Fargo Printer Models

Evolis Printer – Install an Ethernet Printer on Mac 10.4 and 10.5

Following are the steps to install the driver on a Mac 10.4 or 10.5:

1. Prior to starting the installation, plug in the printer to the Mac and make sure that you have Administrator rights.

2. Go to the Evolis website at www.evolis.com. Download the necessary driver and follow the instructions during your installation.

3. Open the System Preferences.
Mac Installation

Then open the printers and faxes.
Mac Installation

4. Click on the + to add and then click on the IP PRINTER button printer which should be already detected.
Mac Installation

5. Choose the HP Jet Direct Socket option in the Printer Broswer section, choose Select a driver.
Mac Installation

6. Enter the printer’s IP address and select EVOLIS in the Print Using section.
Mac Installation

7. Choose in the menu list the Evolis driver and the language you need. Click on Add to validate your choice.
Mac Installation

8. The driver in now ready to be used.
Mac Installation

9. To print your design, open your card printing software. Click on file and print to access the printing properties.
Mac Installation

10. Make sure the correct driver has been selected for the printer and check the paper size in Card. Go to the printer features to access the Evolis driver properties if you need to communicate with the printer.
Mac Installation

11. Open the driver spooler from the Print and Fax section and click on Utility
Mac Installation

For more information about Evolis printers, search our blog about Evolis printer support or call our ID experts at 888-485.4696.