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Current News: Updated ID Flow and Lobby Track Editions

Jolly Technologies has released updated versions of their identity software, ID Flow and also Lobby Track.  The new editions contain the following feature:

QR Codes

All versions of the software can now render QR (quick response) bar codes. Jolly Technologies advises that these “codes can contain information about a person or item derived from a database record, can be printed on ID cards, badges or labels and can be read by QR code readers and smart phones. The decoded information can be displayed on-screen or used to automatically populate forms.  Jolly envisions popular uses of the technology will be for ID verification, ticketing, tradeshows, and other applications that benefit from the fast transfer of personal information.”

Other Lobby Track Upgrades

Lobby Track can also now store signatures in a file folder for an audit trail.  The signature capture is completed at check in and helps to validate that the actual cardholder is checking in or out.  A popular application of this feature is time and attendance use where the company is concerned that other employees may be signing someone in and out for their payroll documentation.

Lobby Track Online Registration Module features the capability of sending registration confirmation emails containing a barcode. containing information to be used for fast check-in.

If you currently have a support plan with Jolly for your software, the upgrade version is free. If your support plan has ended or you did not purchase one, you may upgrade your software version for an upgrade fee.  Please contact our ID experts at 888-485-4696 if you would like additional information about ID Flow or Lobby Track software.

How To Network Jolly Products

Instructions to network Jolly software products are as follows:

Moving the Company Source (the central networking file) to a network server

1. Load the software on a workstation
2. In ID Flow Card Issue Center, click Global Settings

network iinformation

3. Click on Company Source

network iinformation

4. Click “Manage” then “Save As” and save the company file to a Server Location

network iinformation

5. To network a second workstation, go through the same steps and at the final step, select “Browse” instead of “Save As” and browse to the Company.jlt file that you moved in the previous step. The software is now networked.

Moving Cardholder Databases to a Network Server

1. By default the sample company database is stored on:
C:/program files/jolly technologies/id flow/sample databases/sample database.mdb

In Windows 7 and Vista the shortcut to get there is to right click on the ID Flow or Lobby Track Icon and select “Open File Location” in Windows XP, right click on the Icon, go to properties, the click file location:

network iinformation

2. Copy the “sample company.mdb” and paste it to the network server location

3. Click the “Properties” button to get to the Cardholder Group Properties dialog
(this is a shortcut, you can also get there by clicking edit on the highlighted cardholder group in Global Settings)

network iinformation

4. Click on the “Card Database” button

network iinformation

5. Change the database type to Microsoft Access and then browse to the .mdb file you placed on the server

network iinformation

6. On the same dialog above, you will need to select the source table for the cardholder group and then select ID Number for the primary key.

7. If there are more than one cardholder groups the customer is using, repeat steps 1-6 in this section for each cardholder group.

For more Information about ID Flow and Lobby Track, contact our software experts at 888-485-4696.

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software – Lobby Track

For excellent visitor and member management software, look no further than Lobby Track 4. The software registers visitors and members. The software will issue permanent and temporary badges as well as track time and attendance. Various activities can be monitored through this software.


For detailed information about Lobby Track Software, you can view screen shots from the software on our site.


View Demos of the Lobby Track Software


Download a free trial version of the Lobby Track Software

For additional information about visitor id management systems or photo id card printer systems, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.

Lobby Track Visitor Management Screen Shots

Lobby Track 4 is premier software for visitor and member management. The software registers visitors and members. The software will issue permanent and temporary badges as well as track time and attendance. The software can be used to monitor many activites throughout the organization.

Following are screen shots from the software:

Main Menu

Lobby Track

Visitor Check In

Lobby Track

Successful Visitor Check In

Lobby Track

Record Center

Lobby Track

Charts in the Record Center

Lobby Track

ID Flow Four Badge Designer

Lobby Track

For brochures and specific information about Lobby Track or ID Flow software, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.